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What’s Ahead-2021

WRW’s mainstay is Industrial Relations and Labour Rights Protection. Over the years, WRW has displayed (as statistics and testimonials confirm) that it has gained a footing in work-place programming. Because of WRW’s intimate knowledge and understanding of work-place conditions, WRW has also influenced policies or practices beyond the work-place, to the broader cut-flower value chain. This will work stream will be sustained at this level, while also seeking to get into new policy spaces. The next phase will not be marked by more of the same work but a deliberate effort will be made to sustain and buildup on the gains and best practices drawn from the initial phase.

WRW purposes to rejuvenate it’s strategic focus through three pathways:

a. Knowledge management through Incorporation of learning and findings in the policy and refocusing of capacity development content and style (in some cases), as well as contribution to the development of management systems.

b. Capacity building through training:

  • Workers – For general knowledge and understanding. Dissemination through innovative ways to reach large numbers across the sector;
  • Management – Emphasis on their role in implementing monitoring, alignment of relevant policies;
  • Gender Committee – Training for role in implementation monitoring and reporting.

c. Sustaining the learning and regulation through:

  • Advocacy for Results Based Social Certification frameworks.
  • Advocacy for Law and policy review – New ILO Convention 190 and ILO Recommendation, the current window for review of the Employment Act, the development of the NAP UNGPBHR (Kenya).