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What we do

workers rights

Workers’ Rights Watch (WRW) is a Non-governmental organization established as an association of shop stewards in 2000. Our mandate is to foster collaborative dialogue between workers and actors who affect and those who are affected by their work. In promoting this dialogue, we have always believed that complimentary roles exist between non-governmental organizations and other stakeholders.

WRW uses training workshops and forums to enlighten and empower workers as a community on their rights and responsibilities in ensuring a workplace free from labour rights violations. Amongst our objectives, is to hold institutions accountable and provide monitoring mechanisms within the cut flower sector, that may be applicable to other working institutions, promote decent work, efficiency and accountability as part of our mandate.

We take cognizance of the restrictive nature of the current provision of the rights to organize and that workers representatives especially at the shop floor level are vulnerable to intimidation by both the management and top union leadership.

Our ultimate aim is to ensure that workers’ leaders at the shop floor and neighborhood communities have an opportunity to consult and promote corporate citizenship and good working conditions. Our interest is to equip workers with tools, skills and tactics that would enable them to expand the horizon of organizing and create critical consciousness that would be required for effective workers organizing.