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Vacancies and internships


Category: Consultancy

Vacancy period: 9th -19th April 2019

Consultancy TOR- Revision of materials

Rapporteur Vacancy

Category: Consultancy

Vacancy period: 9th – 19th April 2019

Consulting rapporteur TORs- Final

Auditing company

Category: Finance and administration

Vacancy open period 27 – 2nd February 2018

Audit proposal letter

Program officer.

Job Category: Programmes

Vacancy Open Period: 12 – 19 October, 2017

Programs vacancy

Finance officer.

Job Category: Finance and Administration

Vacancy Open Period: 14 – 18 August, 2017

Accounts vacancy pdf


Category: Programmes

Vacancy open period: 26th July 2018 – 7th August 2018

Consultancy vacancy announcement- WRW