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Progressive targets

WRW is focusing its activities in working with stakeholders in the two sectors to achieve the following:

  • Undertake the research on the freedom of association in the Kenya and evaluating codes of conducts in cut flower.
  • Validation of the data through a multi stakeholder forum.
  • Training stakeholders on how to meet the codes of conducts can bring improvement via participatory methodology. These stakeholders include: Trade Unions, Government, Standard owners, workers and shop stewards and employees, Civil Society and the wages council.
  • Create awareness and education to the general public, workers and management on the code  of conducts and labour laws.
  • Train more observers/social auditors in the use of participatory audit methodology, which has been accepted to reveal any problems where they exist, as well as work with farms towards continuous improvement.
  • Create high awareness of the existing codes of conduct through appropriate communication channels.
  • Strengthen and further promote the adoption of the participatory audit methodology within the flower and horticulture industry.
  • Facilitate the process of the formation of an independent association of social auditors.
  • To develop a complaints handling procedure for the industry
  • Train negotiators on bargaining skills on Sexual harassment policies and inclusion in the CBA
  • Organize women leaders to take up union positions
  • Train gender committees on gaps in the policies.