Over the years, WRW worked with other like-minded organizations to foster and nurture workers organizing and democratic participation. These organizations included the KHRC, LRC, Gender Commission, FEMNET, EQUALITY NOW, FIDA KENYA, HAKI MASHINANI, UFADHILI, KFC, FTA, MPS, ECAS, TRAIDCRAFT and Utz, among others.

During our engagement we have been able to take workers’ rights as Human Rights, critique the labor laws, educated workers on their rights and managed to develop a Sexual Harassment policy for the cut flower industry in Kenya. On this, we have been working with the international media to expose unfair labor practices in most industries such as the Delmonte Campaign and Flower Firms Campaign. For the year 2017, WRW has received financial support from HIVOS through the KHRC to implement a Results Based Social certification project for a contract period June 2017 – August 2018.



Workers' Rights Watch: Communication Strategy
Communication is a social process that is essential for building sustainable development initiatives and creating environments in which participants share an understanding of the purpose and goals, and implement measures....
Workers' Rights Watch: Theory of Change
A social justice driven world where all women workers enjoy access to full, productive employment and decent work that guarantee the realisation and enjoyment of their rights. Proposed Solution: Enhance....
DelMonte Campaign
The initial engagement of civil society in Kenya’s cut-flower industry began with the Delmonte campaign research and analysis done by WRW, KHRC, and shops steward then later a group of....

To ensure that workers leaders at the shop floor and neighboring communities have an opportunity to consult and promote corporate citizenship and good working conditions.