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Mission and Objectives


To have a work place in which workers rights are fully involved and their rights respected.


To provide workers and neighboring community with rights based approach founded on dignity, equality, vibrant and justice for all.


  1. To promote, protect and enhance the enjoyment of workers’ labour rights
  2. Fights injustices and ignorance within the labour movement through workers education
  3. Promote active participation in global changes affecting workers rights
  4. Advocates for the improvement of the living conditions of the workers through campaigns.
  5. Training of trainers to build a vibrant and empowered workers constituency in Kenya.
  6. Increase workers and community participation in development and empower them to fully participate on participatory social audits.
  7. Establish a reputable and well governed trade union movement in Kenya.
  8. To hold employers and Institution accountable on Corporate Citizenship (CSR)
  9. Initiate dialogue amongst stakeholders locally, nationally and internationally.
  10. Help workers to develop HIV/ AIDS policies that protect workers at work place.
  11. Gender equality and domestic violence at work place

Our approach: To foster a dialogue between workers and the various actors who can affect their working lives.