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Our activities

Our overall activities involve;

  • Research and survey
  • Proposal writing
  • Training
  • Mentorship programmes
  • Social Auditing
  • Consultancy
  • Report delivery

Although our activities are mainly donor based, with a key interest in the Kenyan horticultural sector, WRW formed a subsidiary group for the purpose of offering a greater opportunities for our work, creating and developing links with different sectors and other consultancies. This group is an association of members from HR and management professions, legal experts and human rights activists in Kenya, aimed at growing a platform that will ensure business and human rights have a sustainable and profitable link.

The group known as “Simple Solutions Consultants” will function mainly as a think tank to help draft and advocate systems/ procedures that will help both businesses and activists to limit and remedy persistent issues that pose threat to investment or violates the rights  of employees and their surrounding communities.

This group is being hosted and supported by WRW within the time-frames of January 2017- January 2019 and will thereafter hold its functions as an independent institution. The group was designed and is currently headed by our programmes expert on Gender sensitive management under WRW terms and policies.