Workers' Rights Watch: Communication Strategy
This strategy sets out a framework for the organisation’s Communications and Media Relations. It gives direction to all new and traditional media, internal, external, marketing and branding, publicati

Communication is a social process that is essential for building sustainable development initiatives and creating environments in which participants share an understanding of the purpose and goals, and implement measures to achieve them. WRW’s communication strategy puts users in the centre of the communication process, uses established guidelines for building relationship, to promote communication between the organisation and users, and aims to build key relationships with primary stakeholders. This Strategy will create the platform to capture, collect, produce, manage, brand and share information that is generated throughout the organisation’s life cycle.

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WRW believes in dispute resolutions as key in delivering both accountability and well being which remains a rare commodity in Kenya and yet workers are the most affected. Practice however seems to suggest that effective organizing at the local level can ensure better delivery by District labor officers and the directorate of occupational Health and safety officers.