About Us

images4What is workers’ rights watch?

Workers’ Rights Watch (WRW) is a Non-governmental Organization established in 2000. We are an association of shop stewards and key leaders in Kenya, created out of a concern that social ethical business practices were not being followed in the industries despite there being voluntary systems of self-regulation by way of audits and labor inspections.

Internal working Environment of WRW is a well organized society and very democratic. All members have rights to participate in the running of the society as enshrined in our constitution. It is run by a governing board/officials comprising of shop steward and key leaders from the different sectors. WRW enjoys a lean secretariat which runs its day to day affairs under the management of the Programme’s coordinator; the main office is located in Kiambu town.

Our goal

We aim to foster collaborative dialogue between workers and actors who affect and those affected by their work. In promoting this dialogue, we have always believed that complimentary role exists between Non-governmental organizations and other stakeholders.

Our mandate is to ensure that workers’ leaders and neighboring communities have an opportunity to consult and participate in issues regarding corporate citizenship and good working conditions.

Our interest is to familiarize workers with tools, skills and tactics that would enable them o expand the horizon of organizing and create critical consciousness that would be required for effective workers organizing.

How we do it

WRW believes in dispute resolutions as key in delivering both accountability and well being which remains a rare commodity in Kenya and yet workers are the most affected. Practice however seems to suggest that effective organizing at the local level can ensure better delivery by District labor officers and the directorate of occupational Health and safety officers.  

What makes us competent

  • Our staff has worked under and been part of various labor rights movements within our target sectors. This has enabled us to have first hand experience of the occurrences of issues affecting workers thus the genesis of our aim to deal with such.
  • Our projects are developed, amended and implemented in consultation with partners who also assist in identifying the areas in need of intervention.
  • We have a qualified research team and close links with our study cases which enables us to obtain maximum and accurate information required to develop our projects.
  • Through research, training programs, workshops and meetings with workers, managers, certifications, union, shop stewards and gender committee members, we have managed to widen our focus, by not just being able to tackle issues regarding gender and labour rights, but also those that affect these indirectly, as well as those that arise from the malpractices involved.
  • Although we are a small size organization, every individual is highly skilled, flexible and responsive, while this makes it affordable and easier to coordinate activities and assign tasks as well as promoting clear channels for accountability.

Our Scope

Our areas of expertise are in gender related issues, workplace equality, training of trainers, research and consultancy, policy formulation and implementation procedures in the agribusiness.

We have been able to set up representatives within Nairobi, Thika, Ruiru/Kiambu ,Naivasha, Athi River and Mombasa.