Mission and objectives

workers rights


To have a workplace free from violation of workers rights.


To provide workers and neighboring community with rights based approach founded on dignity, equality, vibrancy and justice for all.


We are working to:

  • Promote, protect and enhance the enjoyment of labor rights
  • Fight injustices and ignorance within the workplace through workers’ education on their rights and means to approach injustices in a civil manner.
  • Promote active participation in global changes affecting workers rights
  • Advocate for the improvement of the living conditions of the workers through campaigns.
  • Training of trainers to build vibrancy and empower workers in Kenya.
  • Increase workers and community participation in development and social audits.
  • Establish a reputable and well governed trade union movement in Kenya.
  • Hold employers and Institution accountable on Corporate Citizenship (CSR)
  • Initiate dialogue among stakeholders locally, nationally and internationally.
  • Help workers to develop policies that protect workers at workplace.
  • Promote gender equality and eliminate domestic violence at workplace