Programme Goals

We hope to ensure that:

  • Workers are aware of their legal right to a safe work environment and their representatives have the skills to conduct effective negotiations to prevent and tackle cases of malpractices.
  • Vulnerable workers (especially women) are offered support groups, clear strategy and procedures to protect them from any forms of abuse as well as guiding them on actions to take whenever harm is caused or intended towards them.
  • Key stakeholders including Government officials, employers and employers’ associations, community leaders, politicians and international retailers are aware of the issues affecting workers and the role each can play in improving the situation
  • Greater confidence/trust in the grievance procedures lead to a higher increase in reporting of cases of violation at the workplace.
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of codes of conduct in the flower farms industry:
  • Formulating and implementing specific workplace policies and ensure  there are effective policies and procedures to prevent and tackle Social women issues and are enforced in the farms
  • Effective collaboration between workers, management and supervisors
  • Skills of how to negotiate effective CBA.
  • Ensuring compliance with national law, success stories around building the commitment of relevant government departments and officials to addressing the workers issue
  • Monitoring progress: example of effective monitoring systems developed by managers and workers to assess reduction in instances and severity of SH and workers’ confidence/trust in the grievance mechanisms.