Approach and Methodology

In the agribusiness, workers are among the key elements in the production process, as they are involved in every level of production. For this reason, they deserve to be rewarded fairly through just treatment, exposure to opportunities for growth and individual development through non manipulative means.

On the other hand, we advocate for clear means of dealing with cases of injustices, in order to protect reputation, maintain employment and come up with trusted and long lasting solutions.

We therefore believe that industrial justices at the workplace can be best promoted by working with all actors who are affected and those who affect.We do this by;

  • Supporting gender committees and shop stewards in their various roles and assisting them to develop participation in their union’s leadership.
  • Production of policy briefs and lobbying government
  • Creating awareness among stakeholders  on sexual harassment and other issues affecting workers
  • Training of WWCs, gender committees, union negotiation teams, unions branch secretary, farms shop stewards on national law and ILO conventions,  policy best practices and specific CBA clauses  
  • Organizing stakeholders engagement between corporations, communities and workers
  • Campaigning for better working conditions  with less /Fewer health and safety problems
  • Advocating for better workers communication with the management that builds confidence.